Women's Bible Study

Revelation Part II

In any story ever written, the end is the purpose and reason for that story. Authors write books with the motive of revealing “ the end." Books are written from the beginning with the end in mind!  In Revelation we have the end of the greatest story ever written by the author of ALL things.

So why is this book often ignored, thought of as controversial, or deemed “too hard to understand?“  We will be exploring all of these topics and more in Revelation Part 2 - The End of the Greatest Story.

This 14 week class will be a line-by-line, verse-by-verse, walk-through of the the book of Revelation chapters 4-22.  It is a continuation of last year’s class, Revelation - Seven Letters to the Seven Churches. If you’d like to catch up from the previous class, or review before we begin again, all previous lessons are available online at New Life’s YouTube channel.

*Please note: This class will be in-person only and is held in the Education 



Men's bible Study

Verse-by-verse study in the book Jude. Jude is one of the shortest books in the NT and it is the only book dealing exclusively with “apostasy”, false teaching/teachers. Jude has a dual emphasis for the reader- 1) A call for the church to grow in their discernment and 2) and urging for believers to rigorously defend the faith and biblical truth. We look forward to unpacking this powerful Epistle and following the example of the Bereans in Acts 17:11, as we receive the Word with great eagerness and search for truth in Scripture. This class is held in the Education

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Creative power Of OUR WORDS

From the 1960s to now there has been an emphasis on the power of our words. But too often it has been taught without the balancing emphasis of a relationship with the Lord, who is the one who empowers His word. In these four sessions, we will examine Scriptures that teach the creative power of our words along with building a strong relationship and fellowship with the Lord. This class is held in the Sanctuary.