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Should Be Book Club

9 February 2011

Should Be Book Club?  What?  Funny name, but FUN group.  A little over two years ago, we started the group as a part of New Life Women’s Ministry.  I was reading a lot of really neat books (fiction) and wanted to be able to discuss them with friends.  Some of the books we have loved.  Some, not so much.  But we always have a good time.

Over the next few weeks (months), I will post a list of the books we have read.  If I get industrious, I’ll include the majority opinion…but don’t hold your breath.   “The best laid plans….etc.”

We meet every 1st Friday at 12:30 at New Life.  Some of us bring our lunch.  Some don’t.  I always try to show up with some Chick-Fil-A sweet tea, and we talk about the book (or other things) for about an hour. 

Come join us next month.  We’re reading “Love, Charleston” by Beth Webb Hart.

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  1. Cindy Rose says:

    Turns out, it’s been a little over three years, so the list is already over 38 books.

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